Consulting Services

Choice Engineering provides expert engineering services to a number of systems related to commercial and residential buildings. Our experience allows us to understand the design constraints of the project and help select the most appropriate system for the client's needs. We also have the expertise to evaluate and understand existing systems for building renovations or remodels.

Design and Construction

Working with other design professionals, we will generate a preliminary design of the engineered systems within your new facility for review, approval, and prelimanry pricing to confirm the project budget. When your project is ready for design, we will provide the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering documents required to submit an accurate set of plans to the city for permit. While your project is under construction, we will provide critical oversight to ensure the equipment and components are properly selected and installed.

Registered States

Choice Engineering, LLC, or its members, are registered in the following states.







New Mexico




North Dakota

Other Services

Design Build

In additional to the traditional design-bid process we offer design-build services as well. We work the the general contractor and their sub-contractors to ensure the project stays within specifications and budgetary constraints while maintaining the shorter deadlines of this project type.

Energy Usage Analysis

Through site visits and analysis of your existing systems, we will provide you a report showing how and where your energy is being used within your facility. Using this information, we will work with your maintenance team and budget constraints to develop a program to improve your operational performance and recommend energy conservation measures.

Green Building Designs

Through careful analysis of your facility and its use, we will develop a plan to help improve the indoor living quality of your occupants while minimizing the enviromental impact. If you choose to follow one of the green programs, such as LEED, we have the tools to provide the necessary energy models and the professionals required to fill out the necessary documentation for the approval process.

Owner Representation

Our prior experience and knowlege of multiple systems allows us to oversee projects that are being performed by other engineering firms to provide quick and accurate feedback to the owner ensuring they are receiving the best solutions for their projects. We also offer third party review of projects for clients who would like a second review prior to starting construction on their project.